EXPO 2015: “Feeding the World” EXPO 2015: “Feeding the World”

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Welcome to the world of World’s Fairs. On these pages you will find find our Reviews of Milan Expo 2015.

You will also find an Expos Q&A section and a Calendar of upcoming world expos, along with links to informative websites. (In popular parlance, the terms “world expo,” “world’s fair,” and “international exposition” are fairly interchangeable.)

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World’s Fair was founded by Alfred Heller, who attended 20 world’s fairs during his lifetime. He was the author of World’s Fairs and the End of Progress, published in 1999. He died in December 2019. Alfred Heller obituary »


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EXPO 2015: “Feeding the World” EXPO 2015: “Feeding the World”